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Our advantage

Why Mainland GroundExpress Limited?

1. We are the reliable agent in China as NBAA and EBAA approved ground handler.
2. We are the most reliable agent around China territory with the official authorized pass at base and each location.
3. We are the agent to provide timely response for any emergency cases in China territory within an hour on site.
     These successful cases are such as Diversions in midnight, Medvacs within an hour.
4. We are the LIVE HANDLING creator in Mainland China and providing this service for every VIP flight in China.
5. We are the personalized handler satisfied what you need in cost and handling.
6. We are always keeping you update for aviation news in China.
7. We are much more caring of passenger's experience with our services.
8. We have efficient response for permit request.
9. We can comfort culture difference between Western & Eastern. We make you feel like home when come to China.
10. We can provide escort service for crew and passenger with our own staff.
11. We have covered the wide range of China territory, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.
12. Just a simple step  to order, we take care of others.

Our professional team will provide a wealth of experience of ground handling to every flight in China.